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Integrated fetal, paediatric and adult congenital cardiology services on one site. Includes fetomaternal medicine/ obstetric unit, tertiary neonatal medical and surgical service and full paediatric subspecialty support. Paediatric services based in a Children’s Hospital (Opened 2007) adjacent to Oxford Heart Centre.

Three Consultant Paediatric Cardiologists and an Associate Specialist with specialist clinics/services in fetal cardiology, heart muscle disease, Marfan’s syndrome, arrhythmias, transition and genetic/inherited cardiac diseases.

Three Consultant Cardiologists provide a fully integrated ACHD service with expertise in maternal cardiology, structural intervention, electrophysiology, complex young aortic surgery, inherited heart muscle disease, Marfan’s syndrome and transition service.

The fetal, paediatric and adult congenital cardiac service is part of the Oxford/Southampton Congenital Heart Network with joint clinical working and management structures. Senior Staff hold contracts at both trusts. Any activity not available on the Oxford site (mainly paediatric cardiac surgery and cardiac catheterisation) is delivered in Southampton (or in some cases London).

Medical Staff


Dr Satish Adwani (Paediatric Cardiology, Marfan’s Syndrome, Heart Muscle Disease, ACHD)
Dr Nick Archer (Fetal and Paediatric Cardiology, inherited and genetic cardiac disease)
Dr Yaver Bashir (EP and Paediatric Arrhythmia)
Dr Tim Betts (EP)
Dr Patricia Caldas (Paediatric Cardiology, Imaging, Paediatric Arrhythmias)
Dr Colin Forfar (ACHD, Marfan’s Syndrome)
Dr Nicky Manning (Fetal Cardiology)
Dr Liz Orchard (ACHD, Maternal Cardiology)
Dr Oliver Ormerod (Structural Intervention, ACHD, Maternal Cardiology)
Professor Watkins (inherited and genetic cardiac diseases)

Complex Aortic Surgery

Mr Mario Petrou
Professor Stephen Westaby