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Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest in the country. The trust provides hospital services at Guys Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital and Evelina London Children’s Hospital together with community services for Southwark and Lambeth.

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust congenital heart disease service encompasses the departments of paediatric and fetal cardiology and the adult congenital hear disease service. We provide seamless lifelong care from fetus to late adulthood on the same site, with supported transition from the children’s to the adult service. The congenital surgical, interventional, electrophysiology and imaging teams work across all age groups, alongside specialist fetal, paediatric and adult congenital cardiologists.

Paediatric and fetal cardiology

The cardiology unit at the Evelina London Children's Hospital has an international reputation in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart problems from the fetus through transition to the adult services. As well as providing cardiac services for much of London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, we also treat patients from across the United Kingdom and internationally

Inpatient care is provided in an environment that best suits the needs of the patient at that particular time. Care of the newborn or preterm infants is located in the neonatal unit. Intensive care is provided by the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Evelina. Ward based care for children is on Camel, Savannah ward. This is a purpose built 14 bed facility with a mixture of cubicles and bays. Older teenagers and adults are cared for in designated Adult Congenital cubicles on Becket ward, part of the cardiovascular unit at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Outpatient services are provided in a dedicated outpatient area. There are a large number of peripheral clinics across the region ensuring that as many of our patients are seen as close to home as possible.

The paediatric and adult teams together provide a transition service, including dedicated outpatient clinics, for young people approaching adulthood.

Adult congenital cardiology

The ACHD service is rapidly expanding. We work in partnership with cardiology colleagues in South London, Kent and Sussex as part of a congenital cardiac network.

We hold ‘one-stop’ outpatient clinics for adults with congenital heart disease at St Thomas’ Hospital and also jointly with our colleagues in our network hospitals in Brighton, Eastbourne, Dartford, Medway, Woolwich, Farnborough and St George’s Tooting. We also offer the following specialist multidisciplinary services:

· Inherited cardiovascular disease clinic – in conjunction with the Department of Clinical Genetics and specialising in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of patients with inherited cardiac conditions.

· Pulmonary Hypertension service – in conjunction with the National Pulmonary Hypertension Service at the Royal Free Hospital.

· Cardiac Obstetric service – a team of consultant cardiologist, obstetrician and obstetric physician with a nurse specialist and a designated midwifery team. There is a weekly clinic for pre-pregnancy counselling, antenatal and postnatal care.

The adult cardiothoracic unit has two cardiology wards, one cardiothoracic surgery ward, a high dependency unit (HDU), a coronary care unit, a dedicated overnight intensive recovery (OIR) and access to a 30 bedded general intensive care unit. ECMO, oxygenation of blood through an artificial heart-lung machine, is available for patients on the ITU.
Our patients are cared for on Becket ward where the nursing staff have special expertise in adult congenital heart disease. Post-operative patients are admitted to OIR before stepping down through HDU back to Becket.

Sub Speciality Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Fetal Cardiology
The longest established fetal cardiology unit in the UK, we consult in over 2000 pregnancies/year where there is a risk or suspicion of congenital heart disease in the fetus. Our unit offers a comprehensive one stop clinic with a multidisciplinary team of cardiologist, ultrasonographers and cardiac nurses providing diagnosis, counselling and management of all structural or functional cardiac problems in the fetus.

Specialist echocardiography
Echocardiography is the mainstay of diagnosis and surveillance across the spectrum of congenital heart disease. All cardiologists within our unit are highly skilled echocardiographers in their daily practice. In addition to this universal capability we have a team of expert specialist echocardiographers and congenital cardiologists who offer advanced modalities including advanced functional imaging, 3 dimensional echocardiography and transoesophageal echocardiography. We perform in excess of 10,000 transthoracic echocardiograms annually.

Congenital cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and CT
There is a close link between the clinical service at the Evelina Children’s Hospital (ELCH, GSTT NHS Foundation Trust) and the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering (King’s College London). The unit performs more than 750 clinical congenital cardiac MRI scans per year on patients of all ages and more than 300 research scans at the Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. Seven consultants support the MRI service, including 3 clinical academic consultants transferring the latest research developments into clinical practice. MRI scanners are located across the trust including one within the neonatal unit. Several combined MRI catheter laboratories (XMR) are located at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, St. Thomas’ Hospital and at Guy’s Hospital. A dedicated congenital cardiac CT service was established in 2011 as collaboration between congenital cardiologists and radiologists. Children and adults of all age groups are served by this service with and without general anaesthesia. This includes neonates, ventilated ICU patients of different age groups and patients with non-MRI compatible devices.

Congenital cardiac electrophysiology
The electrophysiology service provides diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm disturbance in children and adults. Advanced mapping and ablation technologies are used for complex cases, often in combination with cardiac MRI or CT imaging.
Device therapies include implantation of single, dual, and biventricular pacemaker systems and defibrillators.

Congenital cardiac intervention
In many children and adults, open heart surgery may be avoidable by the use of heart catheterisation. The full range of congenital cardiac catheter interventions is performed by our specialist interventional team. This includes hybrid procedures performed together with the congenital cardiac surgeons.

Congenital cardiac surgery
Our consultant congenital cardiac surgeons operate on patients of all ages from neonates to older adults, often enabling a patient to have all their operations performed by the same surgeon as they grow up in adulthood.

Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust is part of King’s Health Partners, one of the five UK Academic Health Sciences Centres. The congenital heart disease service has an active research programme and publishes approximately 30 peer reviewed research papers per year.

Medical Staff


Dr Owen Miller Clinical lead Paediatric and Fetal Cardiology, echocardiography
Dr Gurleen Sharland Fetal cardiology
Dr Vita Zidere Fetal cardiology and Paediatric cardiology
Prof John Simpson Fetal and Paediatric cardiology, echocardiography
Dr Aaron Bell Paediatric cardiology, cardiac MRI
Dr Gerald Greil Paediatric cardiology, cardiac MRI and CT
Dr Tarique Hussain Paediatric cardiology, cardiac MRI
Prof Reza Razavi Paediatric cardiology, cardiac MRI
Dr Sujeev Mathur Paediatric cardiology, echocardiography, cardiac MRI
Dr Kuberan Pushparajah Paediatric cardiology, echocardiography , cardiac MRI
Dr Thomas Krasemann Paediatric cardiology, catheter intervention
Prof Eric Rosenthal Paediatric cardiology, adult congenital heart disease, catheter intervention, electrophysiology
Prof Shakeel Qureshi Paediatric cardiology, adult congenital heart disease, catheter intervention
Dr Gareth Morgan Paediatric cardiology, adult congenital heart disease, catheter intervention
Dr Catherine Head Adult congenital heart disease, obstetric cardiology,
Dr Christoph Kiesewetter Adult congenital heart disease, cardiac MRI
Dr Natali Chung Clinical lead Adult congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, transition,
Dr Brian Clapp Adult catheter intervention
Prof Mark O’Neill Adult electrophysiology
Dr Matt Wright Adult electrophysiology
Prof Jas Gill Adult electrophysiology

Cardiac Surgeons

Prof David Anderson Congenital cardiac surgery, adult cardiac surgery
Mr Conal Austin Congenital cardiac surgery, adult cardiac surgery
Mr Caner Salih Congenital cardiac surgery

National Audit

Day to day management of the collection, validation and submission of departmental data is overseen by the data managers. Data is routinely reviewed internally to monitor trends and outcomes.

Data Managers

Mr Thomas Witter Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, member of NICOR steering committee
Ms Rhian Brimmell Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mrs Elena Crecan Adult Cardiovascular Data Analyst

Paediatric Audit Clinical Responsibility : Dr Aaron Bell and Mr Thomas Witter
Adult Audit Clinical responsibility: Dr Christoph Kiesewetter