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Bristol Royal Hospital For Children (Profile)

The congenital cardiac centre in Bristol delivers a comprehensive regional congenital cardiac service to the South West of England and a congenital cardiac interventional and surgical service to South Wales. There is a strong working partnership between the congenital cardiac services in Bristol and Cardiff with the congenital cardiology team based at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff delivering the diagnostic inpatient and outpatient service to the Welsh Congenital Cardiovascular Network.

University Hospitals Bristol provide care for pre-term and newborn infants in the regional neonatal unit at St Michael’s Hospital which is part of the University Hospitals Bristol campus and located close to both the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) and the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI). The paediatric cardiac team are based at BRHC and the adult congenital service is delivered from the Bristol Heart Institute. The fetal cardiology service is undertaken in close collaboration with the regional fetal medicine unit based at St Michael’s Hospital. The proximity of these facilities across the same hospital campus enables us to provide integrated care to patients with congenital heart disease from before birth into adult life. The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is the regional children’s hospital for the South West delivering all inpatient tertiary paediatric services providing excellent co-location of other paediatric specialities.

Outpatient services are delivered in Bristol and across the South West by the congenital cardiology team working closely with local paediatricians with special expertise in cardiology and adult cardiology services.The paediatric cardiac service delivers an outreach clinic service to 10 local hospitals providing approximately 258 clinics per year. The adult congenital service also provides specialist clinics across the network in 7 locations. The congenital service is supported by 6 paediatric cardiac nurse specialists, 2 paediatric clinical psychologists and 3 adult clinical nurse specialists, one of whom is the lead nurse for the adult network. The UHW consultants undertake outreach clinics in 8 local hospitals across South and West Wales and in 4 locations within the adult network.

Specialist Services

· Fetal cardiology
· Telemedicine
· Advanced imaging including 3D echocardiography,functional imaging, CT and MRI
· Hybrid cardiac catheter unit (BRHC and BHI)
· Interventional valve program
· Electrophysiology
· Inherited cardiac conditions clinic
· Cardiac genetics service
· NSCG Barth clinic
· Pulmonary hypertension – linked service to GOSH for paediatrics and Hammersmith for adult patients
· High risk cardiac obstetric clinic
· Telemedicine
· Outreach paediatric cardiac clinics in Bath, Barnstaple, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Swindon, Taunton, Torbay, Truro
· Outreach adult congenital clinics in Barnstaple, Cheltenham, Exeter, Swindon, Taunton, Torbay and Truro
· Clinical Research and Imaging Centre
· Bristol NIHR Biomedical Research Unit for Cardiovascular Disease

Medical Staff


Dr Andrew Tometzki - Clinical Lead for Paediatric cardiology – intervention. Adult congenital. Telemedicine
Prof Robert Tulloh Paediatric cardiology - pulmonary hypertension in children and adults
Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman Paediatric cardiology – fetal
Dr Patricia Caldas Paediatric cardiology - fetal, echocardiography
Dr Robin Martin Paediatric cardiology, adult congenital cardiology – intervention
Dr Mark Walsh Paediatric cardiology – electrophysiology, inherited cardiac conditions
Dr Demetris Taliotis Paediatric cardiology - intervention

Dr Victor Ofoe Clinical Lead for paediatric cardiology - University Hospital Wales (UHW)
Dr Dirk Wilson Paediatric cardiology and adult congenital cardiology (UHW) – inherited cardiac conditions, pulmonary hypertension
Dr Orhan Uzun Paediatric cardiology (UHW) - fetal
Dr Alan Pateman Paediatric Cardiology (UHW)

Dr Stephanie Curtis Clinical Lead for adult congenital cardiology and cardiac obstetrics - echocardiography & inherited cardiac conditions
Dr Graham Stuart Consultant paediatric and adult congenital cardiologist – electrophysiology, inherited cardiac conditions and cardiac obstetrics
Dr Mark Turner Consultant in adult congenital cardiology – intervention
Dr Radwa Bedair Consultant in adult congenital cardiology – intervention

Cardiac Imaging

Dr Mark Hamilton Cardiac Radiologist – CT and MR
Dr Nathan Manghat Cardiac Radiologist – CT and MR

Cardiac Surgeons

Mr Andrew Parry Consultant paediatric and adult congenital surgeon
Prof Massimo Caputo Consultant paediatric and adult congenital surgeon
Mr Serban Stoica Consultant paediatric and adult congenital surgeon
Miss Ragini Pandey Consultant paediatric and adult congenital surgeon