NCHDA 2014-17 ReportCongenital Summary Report 2014-17.pdfCongenital Summary Report 2014-17.pdf
Harley Street Clinict. Outlier status 2014-17 letter.HSC Outlier 15_06_2018 (3).pdfHSC Outlier 15_06_2018 (3).pdf
The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. Outlier status 2014-17 letter.GOSH Outlier 19062018.pdfGOSH Outlier 19062018.pdf
NCHDA 2013-16 Report09729 UCL Congenital Report 2013-16 UPDATES JULY 2018 v1.pdf09729 UCL Congenital Report 2013-16 UPDATES JULY 2018 v1.pdf
Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Dublin Response 2013-2016 OurLadyDublin 2013-2016 Response.pdfOurLadyDublin 2013-2016 Response.pdf
NCHDA 2012-15 reportNCHDA Aggregate report 2012_15 v1 2 published 27042016.pdfNCHDA Aggregate report 2012_15 v1 2 published 27042016.pdf
Evelina Response 2012-15Norwood Operation at Evelina London Children’s Hospital (ELCH) 2012-15.pdfNorwood Operation at Evelina London Children’s Hospital (ELCH) 2012-15.pdf
NICOR Evelina Letter 2012-15Evelina 2012-15 response Letter 7Mar16.pdfEvelina 2012-15 response Letter 7Mar16.pdf
Liverpool Heart and Chest Statement 2012-15Liverpool Heart and Chest statement 2012-15.pdfLiverpool Heart and Chest statement 2012-15.pdf
NCHDA 2011-14 reportNCHDA Aggregate report 2011_14 1.1.pdfNCHDA Aggregate report 2011_14 1.1.pdf
ELCH Response 2011-14ELCH response_Norwood_2011_14.pdfELCH response_Norwood_2011_14.pdf
NICOR Evelina Letter 2011-14Evelina 2011-14 Letter 18Mar15final.pdfEvelina 2011-14 Letter 18Mar15final.pdf
NCHDA 2010-13 reportNCHDA Report 2014 v5.pdfNCHDA Report 2014 v5.pdf
NICOR LGI reportNICOR 2013-2014 LGI analysis supplement report.pdfNICOR 2013-2014 LGI analysis supplement report.pdf
LGI responseLTHT Response to NICOR report 2014.pdfLTHT Response to NICOR report 2014.pdf
Bristol response Q and ABristol response Q and A.pdfBristol response Q and A.pdf
Bristol response to reportBristol response to report.pdfBristol response to report.pdf
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