Data Quality Reports

Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation TrustNCHDA Report ACH  2017.docxNCHDA Report ACH 2017.docx
Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation TrustBCH Procs Report Nov 2017.docxBCH Procs Report Nov 2017.docx
Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital University of Bristol NHS Foundation TrustNCHDA Report BRC 2017.docxNCHDA Report BRC 2017.docx
The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children
NHS Foundation Trust
NCHDA Report GOS 2017 FINAL.docxNCHDA Report GOS 2017 FINAL.docx
The Newcastle Upon Tyne Teaching Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust.
FRE NCHDA Report 2017.docxFRE NCHDA Report 2017.docx
The Harley Street ClinicHSC NCHDA  Report 2017.docxHSC NCHDA Report 2017.docx
The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustLGI NCHDA Report Nov 2017.docxLGI NCHDA Report Nov 2017.docx
Manchester Royal InfirmaryMRI Cong Report June 2017 Final.docxMRI Cong Report June 2017 Final.docx
The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, (Yorkhill)
RHS NCHDA Validaton Report 2017 FINAL.docxRHS NCHDA Validaton Report 2017 FINAL.docx
The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick ChildrenRVB NCHDA Final  Rpt 2017.docxRVB NCHDA Final Rpt 2017.docx
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation TrustSGH Cong Procs Report Nov  2017.docxSGH Cong Procs Report Nov 2017.docx
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation TrustNHB Cong Procs  report 2017.docxNHB Cong Procs report 2017.docx
Our Ladies’ Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, DublinOLS FINAL Cong Procs Report 2017.docxOLS FINAL Cong Procs Report 2017.docx
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustQEB NCHDA Report Nov 2017.docxQEB NCHDA Report Nov 2017.docx
The Golden Jubilee National Hospital, GlasgowGJNH NCHDA  Report Nov 2017.docxGJNH NCHDA Report Nov 2017.docx
Glenfield Hospital NHS TrustGRL Cong  Report 2017.docxGRL Cong Report 2017.docx
The Evelina London Childrens Hospital
Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
GSTT NCHDA  Cong Procs Report 2017 FINAL .docxGSTT NCHDA Cong Procs Report 2017 FINAL .docx
St Bartholomews HospitalNCHDA Report SBH 2017.docxNCHDA Report SBH 2017.docx
Papworth HospitaPapworth NCHDA Report Jan 2017.docxPapworth NCHDA Report Jan 2017.docx

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